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AGES: 7 and up
GENRES: Classical, Jazz, Folk, Country

Available in 30 or 60 minute Private or Online lessons.

Learn how to play the violin, viola or cello through one of our comprehensive conservatory programs (Zamar Music Academy or RCM) that takes you through a progressive approach addressing technique, musicality and so much more. To mark a sign of progression, take examinations or participate in our End of Term Recitals.

Goals and Objectives:

The primary goal is to develop basic music skills applied to stringed instruments. Lessons may be customized to include information specific to the student’s requests. Lessons may also focus on practical situations regarding the student’s individual interests in a variety of stringed instrument playing situations. Students may select their own material, topics, and music to study to supplement the Zamar Music Academy syllabus. Students will learn in music reading and theory, develop rhythmic abilities and advance in ear training. They will begin by learning fundamental skills to play melodic pieces and songs, studies, and scales. More sophisticated topics such as advanced bowing techniques, the basics of ensemble playing, competition dynamics, and recital organization, will be included as part of advanced skill development. Essential theory studies would compliment and enhance the student’s overall understanding of music.

Technical Exercises:

It is very important to encourage all students to use exercises such as scales, arpeggios, and studies in order to develop solid techniques. Instructors will also identify and assign appropriate studies in order to surpass technical difficulties within a specific musical context. Other more complex topics of technical discussion such as basic human ergonomics, practice methodology, etc., should also be considered if the necessary level of comprehension is evident in the student.


At the start, students should work on an average of 2 short songs per month. In the initial phase of learning, students will focus on learning overall posture, intonations, rhythmic values, basic fingering, and bowing techniques. The intermediate phase will deal with advanced fingering and bowing techniques, note articulation, dynamics, character, and style of the composition. The advanced phase will see all known techniques being tested through the preparation of major concert pieces.