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About Us

Zamar Music Academy, the educational division of the Zamar Music Group, offers affordable music mentorship and education programs in a wide variety of instruments including Voice, to students of all ages. We seek to remove the financial obstacles that are often present within our underserved and marginalized communities, so that more students, especially those in our BIPOC communities, can have access to quality music education.

Our mission is to provide students in underserved and marginalized communities with the musical opportunities for self expression within a safe and inclusive environment. Music education is a tool we use for mentorship by giving strong positive affirmations to all our students and delivering our curriculum with passion and care.

Through the "A Better Way to Learn" curriculum, our instructors engage and teach students how to play and understand their instruments through a combination of practice, ear training and musical theory.

This curriculum offers students more than just musical proficiency. Through music mentorship, students also gain creative empowerment, social skills and confidence."