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AGES: 4 and up
GENRES: Jazz, Gospel, Latin, Rock, Metal, Funk, R&B

Available in 30 or 60 minute Private or online lessons.

Learn to drive the beat of the music and what makes your pulse groove through your discovery of many different styles with one of our many versatile drum instructors! At our facility, our drum room has two pro-level electronic kits, and all of our equipment is always in great condition.
The Zamar Music Academy’s Drum program upholds a consistent and high standard. Designed by active educators and performance professionals in their field, the syllabus is meant to engage, challenge, and enhance the students’ musical skills and confidence at every level from the most basic to the advanced. The prospective students will be educated and encouraged to become ready and confident to face many musical situations, both professionally or purely for the enjoyment of playing music casually.

Drum Syllabus:

This program provides a pathway to a musical life outside of the classical music realm, feeding their hunger to learn music that appeals to them on their instrument. The classroom will foster a personalized lesson approach to aid in achieving the student’s musical goals with guidance from one of Zamar Music Academy’s many qualified instructors.