All of our instructors are not only experienced and educated but friendly and caring as well. They are dedicated to the success of each of the students here at Zamar Music Academy. They provide frequent progress reports, weekly practice tips and tools to each student in order to foster growth and musical development. Zamar Music Academy is fortunate to have very talented and passionate educators on our team. This amazing collection of educators is one of the principle strengths behind Zamar Music Academy’s success, and an enormous emphasis is placed on attracting and training the right type of individual to inspire, mentor and educate our students.

Corey Butler (Director),
Piano and Theory Instructor

Corey Butler is the Founder and Artistic Director of Zamar Music Productions Inc. This productions company is a multifaceted music arts organization that is committed to impacting communities through music art education, music mentorship and music art performance and production. It is through this organization, that Zamar Music Academy was founded.

In addition to his skills as a piano player, musical director and producer, Butler also regularly conducts a 50+ piece symphony orchestra and has curated and produced live performances that speak to socioeconomic issues, educate and bring a greater appreciation for the differences we all share culturally and socially.

Michael Filion
Guitar and Drum Instructor

Originally from Québec, Michael Filion is one of our passionate guitar and drum instructors. His musical journey began at the age of eight when he began classical guitar lessons.

In his early years, Michael has studied jazz drumming as the main percussionist for his school’s Symphony Orchestra and has attended Cegep de Saint-Laurent for studies in Music Theory and Performance. To further his career in music, Michael moved to Toronto in 2017, where he would later attend York University.

Recently, Michael has been taking lessons with Anthony Michelli, where he improves his technical and practical repertoire for university-related groups such as the Jazz Workshop and the Rhythm & Blues Ensemble. Since the fall of 2019, Michael has also worked alongside the York University Gospel Choir, in a five-piece rhythm section. He has also worked alongside motivational percussionist and author, Jeff Salem, as well as several local rock/alternative bands.

As an integral teacher here at Zamar, Michael loves to instruct and motivate young musicians in a fun and personalized approach. He continues to expand his musical capabilities by performing for corporate events, facilitating drum circles, and taking part in the polish orchestra known as the Celebrity Symphony Orchestra.

Lucy Iacono
Violin & Beginner Piano Instructor

Lucy is our primary violin teacher while teaching piano as well. She started violin lessons around the age of eleven, with her main focus being classical music through the Suzuki Method. She has been playing music for approximately nine years now, both locally and at corporate events.

Lucy is in her fourth year studying music at York University, where she delves into World Music/fiddle and jazz. She joined the Glendon Musical Ensemble in her first year and later became the orchestra director which she continues to conduct and arrange pieces for.

She continues to explore many creative ways of looking at and playing the violin!

Liam Lachmansingh
Electric Bass and Piano Instructor

Liam is a passionate music educator in electric bass and piano. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Music at York University - specializing in Jazz and Gospel Music.

Outside of his role as a bass and piano instructor, Liam plays bass for the York University Gospel Choir, as well as All Peoples' Church. Liam believes that above all, music should be fun; and seeks to inspire his students by helping them pursue their own musical interests.

Susie Mancini
Vocal and Piano Instructor

Susie is our vocal and piano instructor, here at Zamar Music Academy. She is also a fifth-year student at York University. Susie has been singing and playing piano since the age of 4 and has achieved up to RCM 10.

In addition to her vocal and piano experience, Susie has also studied the flute, piccolo, saxophone, and cello. For several years, Susie has performed steadily at gigs and has worked for the YCBSB. As a teaching assistant and a supply instructor, she has taught piano, voice and theory.

As an instructor, Susie makes a very crucial effort to make sure her teaching environment is a safe place to learn, grow, make mistakes and most importantly, to be creative and fun.

Jonathan Lachmansingh
Guitar Instructor

Jonathan is our newest member of the academy. As a guitar teacher, he specializes in rock music but is not limited to any one genre. After years of touring countries like Sough Korea, Japan, the United States and here in Canada, Jonathan has a world of experience to share.

Overall, Jonathan has been playing guitar for fifteen years. He studied guitar at the Ontario Conservatory of Music for five years, before embarking on his own musical journey. As a member of an established touring rock band for over ten years, Jonathan has taken on roles such a songwriter, producer, manager, and bandleader.

If there is a technique that needs mastering or question that needs answering, you can be sure that Jonathan will be there to help assist you on your path to becoming the musician that you want to be.


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