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Our Staff

All of our instructors are not only experienced and educated but they're also friendly and caring. They are dedicated to the success of each of the students here at Zamar Music Academy. They provide frequent progress reports, weekly practice tips and tools to each student in order to foster growth and musical development. Zamar Music Academy is fortunate to have very talented and passionate educators on our team. This amazing collection of educators is one of the principal strengths behind Zamar Music Academy’s success, and an enormous emphasis is placed on attracting and training the right type of individual to inspire, mentor and educate our students.

Corey Butler,
Founder and Executive Director

Corey Butler is the Founder and Executive Director of The Zamar Music Group, a multifaceted music arts organization that is committed to impacting communities through music art education, music mentorship and music art performance and production.

In addition to his profession as a music educator and skills as a piano player, musical director and music producer, Butler regularly curates and produces live music performance events that speak to socioeconomic issues and educates audiences, bringing greater appreciation for the differences we all share culturally and socially.

Lester Dean
Piano, Guitar, Bass and Drum Instructor

A recent graduate of Centennial College’s Music Industry Arts and Performance (MIAP) program, Lester Malihan is excited to bring his love of music and performance to the Zamar Music Academy team.

Beginning his own training at the age of 16 playing bass for his church, Lester has been teaching both piano and guitar for 5 years and continues to expand his technical abilities and career through writing, arranging, musical directing, and performance.

A specialist in Pop and Contemporary Christian music but an enthusiast of all genres, Lester loves that he gets to continue his own learning through teaching: "No matter what the age or stage of the student, I love teaching because I get to learn through my students as well, as they share their music with me."

Liam Lachmansingh,
Electric Bass and Piano Instructor

Liam is a dedicated music educator of electric bass, piano, theory, and composition. He is an honours graduate of York University's Music Program - specializing in Jazz and Gospel Music.

Outside of his role as a music instructor, Liam plays bass for All People's Church located in Brampton.

Liam believes that above all, music should be fun; and seeks to inspire his students by helping them pursue their own musical interest

Anirudh Baruah
Guitar Instructor

Anirudh is a composer, guitarist, and music educator. He graduated from York University’s B.F.A. Music program, specializing in Composition, Jazz Performance, and Music History. He has been playing Rock, Pop, Progressive Metal, Jazz Fusion, and North Indian Classical music for years and has worked with several local Rock, Pop, Funk, and World Music artists in Pune, Mumbai, and Toronto.

Anirudh possesses a deep passion for teaching music and has experience teaching students of all ages and abilities. He always seeks to inspire students by creating a fun learning environment, encouraging them to follow their musical interests and explore creative ways of playing their instruments.

Chardon Myers
Vocal Instructor

Chardon Myers is a Canadian vocalist living in the city of Toronto. A fun, charismatic character to most, his influence and style reflects his love of Gospel, Jazz, R&B and Pop. Chardon studied music at York University in Toronto and graduated with honours, receiving bachelors of music and education degrees. With that, he travelled across the seas to the United Kingdom and taught music. During his tenure there, Chardon formed a student band and their achievements lead them to record a student album at a prestigious recording studio in London. Not only does Chardon sing, write and teach music, he is also an actor and background singer. Chardon aspires to grow his love for music into a life-changing medium for everyone he comes in contact with - one student at a time.

Keshia Wilson,
Piano Instructor

Keshia Wilson is a passionate music educator in piano. She started playing at the age of 9, studied genres such as classical, jazz, gospel, and Contemporary Christian Music. RCM Certified teacher. She has also studied gospel piano with Corey Butler. Keshia holds an Honours Bachelor of Music degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, with a specialization in Music Education.

Keshia is dedicated to her role as a piano instructor and has been for 22 years. She is passionate about people having a well-rounded sense of diverse musical styles.

Keshia, known for her composition and arranging skills, also serves as the Musical Director for her church in Toronto.

Simone Bailey
Vocal Instructor

Simone Bailey, has passionately shared her love for singing for over 18 years. With a strong foundation in the Pop, RnB, Gospel and other Contemporary music styles, Simone has showcased her unique vocal prowess both locally and internationally.

She begun her journey as a music educator and vocal teacher offering training and mentorship in local community spaces, helping her students unlock their full potential and find their unique voices. Her pedagogical approach emphasizes proper vocal technique, ear training, breath control and expression, ensuring students develop a strong foundation and healthy habits for lifelong singing. With Simone’s compassionate guidance and commitment to excellence, she continues to inspire and nurture the next generation of talented vocalists.

Daniel Robertson
Drum Instructor

Daniel has been drumming for 10 years, specializing in Contemporary Christian Music and Gospel. He currently plays drums for All People’s Church, and has played for several church conferences.

Daniel studied drums under Anthony James for 6 years at Long & McQuade, and is currently studying Electric Bass with our very own, Liam Lachmansingh. Daniel loves to see his students succeed in their work and always tries to make sure that his students are having fun.

Kevon Webb
Drum Instructor

With a lifelong background in music, music production and audio equipment, performance, and teaching, Kevon Webb looks to further the next generation of musical enthusiasts and hobbyists with a solid foundation and a focus on what matters: education, passion, and happiness! Kevon has been playing drums for over 10 years; from playing in elementary school bands, entering the Regional Arts Program, and graduating from York University with a BA and BA Honors in the Arts where he studied and played with amazing GTA talent like Lorne Lofsky, Kevin Turcotte, and Barry Elmes. Kevon has dedicated his life to the arts, education, and anyone who is interested in awakening their musical and creative potential. He's also online gaming and podcasting in his free time, if you're interested in either, let him know!

Errol Hunte
Saxophone Instructor

Errol is a passionate music educator, that loves to share what he has learned with his students. He has majored in music at The University of Toronto and has his bachelor of Education from the York University Fine Arts Program. Currently he is teaching Elementary Music in the York Region District School Board. His principal instrument is the Saxophone and he has been playing since he was 9 years old, but he always enjoys learning and teaching others to play all sorts of Concert Band instruments. When he is not leading bands and choirs in the Public-School sector, he spends his free time as a freelance musician, creating his own music and developing programs to help aid musical education. Errol believes that music is a language that anyone can learn and his mission is to help students become fluent.

Adrian Pereira
Violin Instructor

My name is Adrian Pereira and I am a violinist musician! I was born in Toronto, and grew up in North Etobicoke. I started music at age of ten with guitar and started violin at age 13 and never looked back. During my time in high-school I played at many festivals with the Father John Redmond string ensemble, including Ontario Strings Association and Kiwanis Music Festival Toronto. I currently attend York University were I am furthering my music education with Mark Skazinetsky, and jazz music with Matt Brubeck and play in their Symphony orchestra. I love to perform and teach what I love.

In my lessons our main focus will be violin performances. This includes violin techniques, learning how to read music, and ear training. For beginners the main focus is technique and getting a good sound out. With daily practice and determination you will learn to love your instrument and have a new appreciation for music that you will keep for ever.

Kathi Nicoll
Manager of Administration

Kathi has a wealth of experience in non-profit and charitable organizations with program management, volunteer coordination, and direct client services. She also has experience in the world of live music production administration, front-of-house coordination and craft services. She's worked with great Canadian talents such as Andrew Craig, Jackie Richardson and Shakura S'Aida to name a few. In her spare time, Kathi loves to volunteer, creates her own line of aromatherapy products and other crafts and planning events!