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AGES: 4 and up
GENRES: Classical, Jazz, Pop, Gospel, R&B, Traditional

Available in 30 or 60 minute Private or Online lessons.

Zamar Music Academy's “A Better Way to Learn” method of teaching allows for students to follow a traditional approach to studying the piano with modern teaching techniques. Students will develop fundamental keyboarding and musicianship skills that apply to playing the piano as both a performance and self-development tool. Lessons may be customized to include information specific to each student’s learning needs. Lessons will focus on a student’s development of practical playing ability as well as a working knowledge of the piano in a variety of playing situations. Students will follow Zamar Music Academy’s syllabus to develop the necessary skills for beginner, intermediate, and advanced studies. Students will also have the option to select their own material, topics, and music to supplement their overall learning and individual interest.

Piano Syllabus:

Students will be given the opportunity to excel in reading music notation and theory, develop rhythmic abilities, and advance in ear training. They will learn to play contrasting pieces, studies, and scales. More advanced topics such as playing by ear, improvisation, and transposition will be included as students develop more advanced skill and ability as a pianist. Additional theory lessons are recommended to complement and enhance the overall musicianship of intermediate and advanced students.

Technical Exercises:

It is very important to encourage all students to use finger exercises such as scales, arpeggios, chords, and Hanon exercises in order to develop solid technique. Our instructors teach students new finger exercises whenever students are ready for them. Our instructors also assign more studies in order to identify and surpass technical problems within a specific musical context. Instructors are also required to reference examination repertoire such that students become proficient in scales required in each level. .


Students will develop an eclectic and well-balanced repertoire diet throughout their studies. Song selection will depend on the curriculum and genre chosen. In the initial phase of learning, students will focus on learning proper notes, rhythmic values, and fingering. More advanced studies will focus on articulation, dynamics, character, and style of the composition.