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Make-up lessons will be given if the teacher cancels the lesson or if the school cancels lessons due to inclement weather. Students will be notified in advance of their lessons if it will be cancelled. Zamar Music Academy will give a MAXIMUM of two (2) makeup lesson credits per term (Term 1, Sept - Jan; Term 2, Feb - June) if the lesson is cancelled by the student with a minimum 24hr notice to the teacher and/or the school. Less than 24hrs notice will result in the student losing that lesson and no makeup lesson given.

This policy applies to both in-person and online music lessons.

Lesson status can be changed at any time from Online to In-Person or In-Person to Online with no penalty.

Zamar Music Academy reserves the right to have a supply teacher teach a lesson in the event a teacher is ill, absent or unavailable. If Zamar Music Academy can not provide a supply teacher, the students will receive a make­up lesson for each lesson a teacher is away. If an instructor plans to be away for an extended period of time, a supply teacher will be arranged.

Tuition Payments are due at the beginning of each month and reserve a weekly lesson time. Students must notify the teachers of an inability to attend a lesson as a courtesy to the teacher but DOES NOT excuse payment. THERE ARE NO CREDITS OR REFUNDS FOR STUDENT ABSENCES. Therefore, there is no reduction in tuition for a missed lesson. Monthly tuition may be adjusted for vacations within a minimum of two (2) weeks notice to the teacher and/or the school.

There will be NO REFUNDS.

A Late fee of 10% of balance owing will be added to the balance every 7 days until the account is settled. Consistently late or unpaid lesson fees WILL result in the student's removal from the academy.

Two (2) weeks written notice must be provided to Zamar Music Academy, if the student wishes to discontinue lessons before completing the academic year. Lessons will be charged until notice is received, however, a reimbursement given for prepaid lessons after the two (2) week notification end date, where applicable.

The student is expected to be on time for lessons, as a predetermined lesson time slot has been reserved for them. If the student is late, the student will receive the balance of the time that remains in their time slot for that lesson. Students should be picked up on time, as school staff is not responsible for babysitting students after their classes end, and after school operating hours.

The student MUST have or have access to an instrument in good working order, on which they practice material that is taught at weekly lessons. Routine (daily) practice is critical to the success of the students.

Practice rooms may be made available to students based on availability at $30 per hour.