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Ages: 7 and up
Genres: North Indian (Hindustani) Classical, Folk, Fusion, Pop/Bollywood.

Available in 30 or 60 minute Private or Online lessons.

Embark on a transformative bansuri (Indian bamboo flute) journey at Zamar Music Academy. Our "A Better Way to Learn" method offers personalized lessons that cater to your specific learning needs while developing fundamental playing techniques, musicianship, and a deep understanding of the bansuri in various musical styles.

Our syllabus covers North Indian (Hindustani) classical music theory and repertoire, complemented by the option to choose material based on individual interests, helping students develop a strong foundation for the beginner and intermediate studies.

Join us to immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of the bansuri and experience the joy of playing this ancient instrument. Enroll now and explore a world of melodic possibilities!

Syllabus Overview

Our comprehensive bansuri program is designed to provide students with the essential foundations for skillful flute-playing. We begin by focusing on correct posture and techniques for holding and blowing the flute. As students progress, they will explore the beautiful world of ragas, talas, and short compositions in the North Indian classical music tradition. More advanced topics like playing by ear and improvisation will be included as students advance in their flute-playing journey.

Techniques and Musicianship

Our program is designed to cater to both beginners and intermediate players, following the principles of North Indian classical music pedagogy. We offer comprehensive instruction in all essential techniques for the bansuri.

Students will learn blowing and breathing techniques for precise tonal production. They will engage in exercises that develop their technical proficiency and enable them to play intricate musical phrases. Students will also explore rhythmic cycles and melodic ornamentations to enhance their musical expression and creativity.

In addition to instrumental techniques, students will learn to read and notate music using Indian notation systems, learn music theory, and engage in composition activities, fostering their creative expression and originality. Ear training is a vital component of our program as students will develop focused listening skills, enabling them to play by ear and learn songs quickly.


The repertoire in our program includes a variety of bandishes, which are structured compositions based on ragas. We also explore folk and popular songs that demonstrate the versatility of North Indian classical music. Students are encouraged to select their own songs and music according to their personal interests and preferences, ensuring an enjoyable and personalized learning experience.


For beginner students:
  • C Medium Flute (a.k.a. C Scale Flute).
  • Tanpura and Tabla App (iTablaPro for iOS and iShala for Android).

For intermediate students:
  • Proficiency in basic flute-playing techniques.
  • Tanpura and Tabla App (iTablaPro for iOS and iShala for Android).
  • A well-tuned C Medium or G Bass flute.