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AGES: 4 and up
GENRES: Jazz, Classical, Gospel, Pop, Rock, R&B, Blues

Available in 30 or 60 minute Private or Online lessons.

Singing is giving melody to your words when speaking cannot express the emotion you’re looking to convey. Learn to sing beyond the “oohs” and “ahhs” or the “do-re-mi’s”. Learn to sing from the heart for pure personal enjoyment or to share that enjoyment on the big stage. Through Zamar Music Academy’s very diversified faculty of vocal instructors, all genres are taught, staying true to their identity and style. Explore your voice and engage in one of Zamar Music Academy's many performance opportunities like Examinations (RCM/), End of Semester Recitals or Community events. Through performances, you will discover your voice and bring greater meaning to who you are as a vocalist.

Over time, owning your voice through Zamar Music Academy instruction can lead to you enrolling in our elite teaching program where you will learn how to teach and ultimately help other students discover their voice. With some of the new changes like modern popular repertoire pieces, more course resources, a simpler examination marking rubric, and a more balanced curriculum that provides an even more stable foundation of becoming a well-rounded vocalist, we are certain you will enjoy the vocal program at Zamar Music Academy. This new edition of the syllabus reinforces the classical techniques you will be taught as a student of the Vocal Program and ensures you achieve your full potential as a vocalist.

Being a vocalist is not only about singing melodies but also understanding what you are singing about, the history, and the structure of the music. Zamar Music Academy’s vocal program ensures that you develop a strong background in theory and musicianship. We look forward to having you progress to the end of the Zamar Music Academy vocal program as we know the experience and knowledge you would acquire from our syllabus would be invaluable and applicable to your future successful endeavors as a musician.